President Trump has made clear: endless approval delays of critical infrastructure projects hurt our economy and our country. When a project has gone through extensive reviews, and is safe for the environment, GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS SHOULD GET OUT OF THE WAY.

Smart resource development can help SLASH US DEPENDENCE ON CHINA  for critical minerals needed for our high-tech economy, national security industries, and our modern war fleet.

Safe resource development projects, like the Pebble Mine, SPUR ECONOMIC GROWTH AND ALLOW COMMUNITIES TO PROSPER. In the wake of COVID-19, distressed communities are suffering and need safe and reliable job opportunities.

America has enormous mineral resources. We shouldn’t lock them up.

Stand with President Trump. Tell government regulators to get out of the way.

Spotlight: The Pebble Mine in Alaska is a Critical Project that Supports President Trump’s Resource Agenda.

The Salmon are Safe 

Fish Habitat is Protected 

Commercial Fishing is Safe

Water Quality is Protected

New Jobs for Alaskans 

Stimulus for Communities

If government regulators block the Pebble Mine, it sets a dangerous precedent that could kill projects across the country. The EPA and Army Corps of Engineers should let the process work.